Artline Accessori

Special processes for fashion

Transforming an idea into a product of excellence

“Bringing together Italian artisanship with the most advanced technology, to create exclusive processes and accessories using our clients’ most particular ideas.”

This is the Artline mission, as recounted by its owner Roberto Tebaldi.

The company has designed and manufactured high-fashion accessories for the clothing, leather goods and footwear sectors, providing a complete service since 1990: from conception to the creation of the prototype with subsequent production, up to the application of decorative elements on various materials and finished garments.

Artline is specialized in the laser cutting of fabric, leatherette and leather, and in the application of adhesives, and manages to interpret the needs of the big brands to create an accessory that reflects their required style.

Attention to detail is the basis of the entire production process and is completed by the company’s ability to give a quick response, both for the creation of samples for fashion shows and for the production of large quantities.

Artline Accessori

Via delle Rovedine, 19/21
23899 Robbiate (LC)
Tel +39 039.9281054


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