Ricamificio La Perla di Bellacci B. & C. Snc

Embroidery, accessories, appliqués, prints, and hand-painted decorations

When artisan talent embraces creativity

Ricamificio La Perla is the expression the Bellacci sisters’ passion and talent, which enables them to give that extra something to a fashion item with great artisan ability thanks to hand and machine embroidery, prints, accessories, creation and application of bows or flowers - in leather and fabric - (these can also be delivered individually) and hand-painted decorations. The company carries out the complete assembly of headbands, as well as bow ties, ascot ties, and small ceremonial handbags. 

Founded in 2003 as a small embroidery factory, today La Perla collaborates with the most famous Fashion brands. The company carries out all its work in its own in-house workshop, with the utmost respect for Made in Italy, a guarantee of meticulous care, confidentiality, and promptness.

One of the company's strengths is its ability to create a prototype based on the client’s idea. From one-off pieces for fashion shows to large-scale production, La Perla is extremely versatile and can satisfy every need, also thanks to its desire to experiment with new processes.

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