M.G. Galvanica


Looking to the future while preserving tradition

Siblings Mirko and Giulia carry on the family’s tradition with great passion and artisan expertise.

The company is specialized in galvanic treatments of metal accessories for famous Luxury brands. Based in Castiglion Fiorentino (AR), M.G. Galvanica was one of the first companies in Arezzo to deal with the treatment of fashion accessories: its own plant is capable of galvanizing zamak, aluminium and brass, working different types of products, from chains to individual accessories.

While the company has a solid and well-organized structure, it is also flexible: Giulia and Mirko are involved in outlining the marketing strategy, while the management and the development of the whole plant, with its skilled workers, is entrusted to the director of production.

Among the merits of the company are its openness to innovation and the desire to experiment in order to keep up with market needs, characteristics that, over the past five years, have led it to quadrupling its staff, enlarging its plant and investing in a new vintage effect process.

At M.G. Galvanica, client satisfaction is a true mission, with every need being respected thanks to the ability of shaping the galvanic processes and in-house quality control, which does not omit the smallest details and continually strives for excellence.

Thanks to these characteristics, the company presents itself as an ideal partner to fashion brands, in order to contribute giving life to a product that represents the most refined Made in Italy products.

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