Taurini Pianeta Gemme

GEA collection: All the colours of Nature

The Renaissance of Stone

In the latest years‭, ‬our fondness for Nature turned into an even deeper need to safeguard our Planet‭. ‬

We started by analyzing our production process‭, ‬searching for where and when we could improve our waste of energy and materials‭;‬‭ ‬this‭, ‬together with the increasing request from our customers to use environmentally friendly materials for their projects‭, ‬gave birth to our‭  ‬GEA collection‭.‬

Cutting natural stones produces extremely precious fragments‭, ‬which can be re-used‭: ‬GEA brings new materials to a second life in‭ ‬its own collection‭.‬

Assembling the fragments is obtained by the use of very low environmental impact resins‭, ‬hold together by a crystal-based binder‭, ‬granting a perfect hold‭, ‬smoothness and shine‭.‬

In the creation of GEA‭, ‬we were inspired by the colors of nature‭, ‬hereby finding their highest expression in stone‭. ‬

Lapis Lazuli‭, ‬Malachite‭, ‬Amber and Quartz‭, ‬to name a few‭, ‬are recreated by the hands of our skilled artisans‭, ‬at times mixed with each other and embellished with precious materials such as gold and silver‭, ‬so to obtain unseen‭, ‬extraordinary color combinations‭.‬

GEA has no limits in thickness and size‭, ‬as well as in color and material’s combination‭.‬


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