Taurini Pianeta Gemme

Natural precious stone processing

The soul of stones

 An established leader in the field of natural stones, Taurini Pianeta Gemme was founded on the thirty-year long experience of the company’s owner Alessandro Taurini together with the entrepreneurial skills of his wife Marta Caccaro, assisted by a highly professional and experienced staff.

«We offer our clients a 360° consultancy - says Mr. Taurini - from the model maker, to the creation of samples in a few days thanks to our in-house cutting department, to production, with the absolute guarantee of exclusivity and confidentiality».

The company can handle various types of materials such as semi-precious and precious stones, crystals – also those with foil backs, hydrothermal quartzes, zircons, mother-of-pearl, horn, wood, and lava stone.

«Our research and study activities never stop - Mr. Taurini continues – since the possibilities of applying stones to accessories, jewellery and footwear are endless. Only a profound knowledge of the raw material enables us to shape one of the most primordial forms of stone, the geode, into accessories that are always new and with unexpected and successful effects. Stripping the stone bare enables us to capture its soul and essence…».

Moreover, Taurini Pianeta Gemme also offers its clients with cutting-edge solutions for the application of stones to fabrics and leather without the use of metals, in order to reduce costs to a minimum and make the stone the undisputed protagonist. A spirit of creation, refinement, grace, and a taste for innovation all define Taurini's work.  

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