Made in Italy fashion accessories and costume jewellery

Unique pieces that stand out for their artisanship

Beautifully made accessories and costume jewellery, created by passionate hands that take care of every minute detail, just like in days gone by.

This is the meaning of true luxury: each piece is different from all the others and never mass-produced.

It is by applying this philosophy that, for over 30 years, AMC has been designing, developing, and producing accessories and lines of costume jewellery for Made in Italy High Fashion. 

Angela and Silvia Catellani are the heart and soul of the company, two sisters who have carried on the family tradition.

AMC accessories are created from the embrace between traditional artisanship and innovation: each accessory combines the prestige of being painted, enamelled, and assembled exclusively by hand, with the advantages offered by innovation, such as laser processing and special galvanic techniques. The result is always customized and bound to the client’s wishes.

With a vast sample book to draw inspiration from, the company offers a complete and prompt service, from the design to the finished product, with a single objective: giving life to an idea by transforming it into an object with personality.

«Our specialised staff carries out the artistic enamelling and setting of stones, such as Swarovski, rhinestones, and pearls on metal fashion accessories and costume jewellery in-house - say the two sisters – in particular for the apparel, footwear, and beachwear sectors».

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