Orchidea Preziosi Srl

Technology and expertise in precious metal processing

Production of semi-finished products for the world of fashion and luxury goods


The Orchidea Preziosi company was founded in Arezzo in 1988 by Enzo Scartoni, the current company CEO and director of the research and development department. The company specialises in the processing of gold and silver and in the production of accessories and components for the jewellery sector.


For the past fifteen years, the company has also been dedicated to the production and development of precious and non-precious metal accessories and components for the world of fashion and luxury, a result achieved by expanding its machine stock with state-of-the-art technology (CNC milling machine, laser cutting and engraving, CNC lathes). The in-house CNC and Design department makes it possible to create precious semi-finished products based on specific client designs; in addition to the production of individual pieces, the Orchidea Preziosi company is also able to engineer the entire production process leading to the creation of the semi-finished product, with the creation of specific machinery.

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