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Small metal parts for the fashion industry

Technological excellence and Luxury accessories


Wealth Srl, a Lombard company, is a leader in the small metal parts industry. Founded in 1994 on the initiative of entrepreneur Sergio Patria, the company has been operating in a new and modern location in Desio (MB) since 2015.

Andrea Patria, Sergio's son, explains: «Our main objective is increasingly the fashion sector, for which we have been producing a wide range of items for years: studs, rivets, eyelets, snap fasteners, decorative cabochons, and metal accessories for haute couture».

Wealth Srl also responds to specific client requests by developing customized products alongside the client from the beginning of the production process: «The accessory is followed throughout every production phase, starting with the sample development – says Andrea Patria – through every processing stage: die casting or cutting, electroplating, painting, assembly and delivery.

We carry out the necessary compliance tests at both chemical and physical levels on every product».

Moreover, Wealth Srl is well aware of the need for state-of-the-art technology: «In order to improve through constant investments– concludes Andrea Patria – we use a machinery equipped with cameras for sorting and discarding the articles that do not meet our quality standards».

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