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Production of decorative chains for leather goods, costume jewellery, and apparel

The future of Made in Italy? A new fashion ethic.

Right after the pandemic period, Leather&Luxury interviewed Chiara Pezzatini, manager of CDC Srl, a Florentine excellence that produces metal chains for the Luxury market. We talked with her about the company, the future of the market, and the new ethics of the fashion industry.

How did your company handle the lockdown contingency?

«CDC adopted all the necessary safety protocols prior to lockdown: alternating shifts, limiting entry into the company, sanitizing the work environment, and personal protective equipment. Ours is a solid company and we have always tried to preserve it financially. Fortunately, after the immediate concern of the moment, we're doing well, all things considered».

How do you work in this new normality?

«It's a strange feeling because new things are scary, but it's a matter of getting used to them. At the company, we're all very happy with the arrangements. We've reorganised all the departments with safety protocols together with our safety engineer. In this way, the time required for completing certain tasks is lengthened logistically but, all in all, the operations are not penalised very much».

Eco-sustainability is an even more relevant issue after the pandemic, how do you deal with it?

«We began complying with international production and environmental regulations at the right time and are therefore prepared for significant change. CDC acquired the necessary certifications several years ago and, in parallel to this, the company embraced a more responsible mindset. Bags for packaging chains in recycled materials, paper tape, sustainable packaging: we are making a number of significant changes to help preserve and protect the environment».

How do you think the pandemic will change the future of the fashion industry?

«I hope that there really can be a radical change in fashion ethics: a greater respect for the entire production chain, for the work of individuals. Apart from all the aspects of the case, I'm sure that in our field those who work at high levels with the Luxury sector will be able to limit the damage».

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