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Details for bags, shoes and clothing

Lampa Srl supplies some of the most important brands of haute couture, prêt-à-porter and the fast fashion industry

We oversee the design and production of studs, buttons and accessories for clothing and fashion jewellery.

Excellent quality, production speed and attention to detail have always been our standard.

Our objective is the total satisfaction of every customer’s demand. Experience and flexibility are our trademarks.

Operating for more than thirty years in the fashion industry, the Grumello del Monte plant near Bergamo has expanded its scope over time: today Lampa supplies companies all over the world, with a production line recognised on all continents for its efficiency and ability to personalise.

Lampa has helped build the history of fashion in Italy and abroad, but the future abounds with challenges.


  • Conception and research on the compatibility of materials
  • 3D drawings and design in CAD
  • Prototyping and testing details/accessories
  • Adjustments and any changes made to works in progress
  • Production, processing and finishing of product
  • Shipping and distribution management


  • Studs for jackets, shoes, leather, fabrics
  • Buttons in nylon, asb, resin, acrylic, zama
  • Buckles for belts and fastenings
  • Personalised cord locks
  • Customised end caps/cord ends
  • Pins, necklaces and details for fashion jewellery

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