Production of High Fashion accessories

Artisanship and design for an entirely Italian beauty

With its 20-year-long history, the By Mora company, based in the Bergamo area, specializes in the production of high-end accessories for international Luxury brands.

Finding new aesthetic criteria and technical evolutions, rethinking designs, and bringing an innovative product to the market; sensing  the changes in the world to design an entirely Italian beauty: these are the principles that guide the By Mora company’s actions every day.

«During my business trips, I welcome every stimulus, I let myself be filled by the emotions aroused by encounters and places. This enables me to have a complete vision of the demands of the global market - says Gianfranco Mora Junior, co-owner of the company together with his brother Battista. This contamination brings about the new ideas and reinterpretations that we propose to the high fashion sector».  

Among the novelties of the upcoming collection is a range of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic brass articles, in line with environmental protection and people safety standards.

A company with a tailored approach, which offers targeted advice to each client, directing them towards the most appropriate and innovative aesthetic and production methods to achieve their projects. 

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