Design, production, and electroplating for High Fashion small metal parts

Made in Italy quality that embraces innovation

The know-how of three generations in the world of small metal parts blends with an innovative vision that aims at product excellence and sustainability: this is Fimma, a company based in Osnago (LC), founded in 1961 and specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom-made metal accessories for the apparel, footwear and leather goods sectors.

The 100% customization of accessories is a veritable vocation for the company, which takes care of every stage of processing in-house, from design to production, the electroplating phase, to packaging.

High-performance quality Sincro products come to life from the embrace between creativity, innovation and attention to detail. Classic and special buttons, lettering, studs, rivets and eyelets. But it doesn't end here because Fimma has an in-house roto barrel galvanic system, where it manages both traditional and precious finishes (gold, palladium, and ruthenium) to guarantee the best quality in finishing: thickness, colour, gloss and hold.

Fimma is a strategic partner for the client, providing complete consultancy to study and test each component according to the needs of use and its technical characteristics, as well as devising ad hoc application systems to facilitate the application of products to any type of leather.

«The design office is the heart of our activity - says Andrea Raccosta, owner of the company. Being proactive is a characteristic that has always distinguished us, many patents are born from the insights of our staff, who every day for sixty years, have put passion and expertise in their work».

Last but not least is the company’s attention to the environment, thanks to the principal certifications on the subject and the choice of a packaging with FSC paper and BioFoam interiors. Among the projects for the future is the creation of a line of eco-sustainable accessories.

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