Crisden srl

Research and innovation, not just artisan processes

Dynamism in their products: belts, small leather goods, house gifts, leather and metal elements for footwear and apparel, and costume jewellery.

Modelling and knowledge of different materials and processes are the Crisden company's strengths. It has a vast historical archive available to its clients, with over 40,000 items catalogued since its inception. «Our aim is to be a hotbed of ideas for the various fashion brand style departments», say Alberto and Alessandro Bedeschi, owners of the company founded in 1973 by their parents Cristina and Denis, hence the acronym Crisden.

In recent years, important investments have been made in 4.0 Industry machinery, in-house training of employees, and providing scholarships to top fashion academy students from around the world at the annual London Graduate Fashion Week event.

The Crisden company’s production currently uses renewable resources for about 75% of its needs with a plan in place to be almost completely energy independent by 2022.

The company employs around 70 people and has a two-year plan to add new workers, with the ambition of training young people straight out of school.

Crisden believes in the great opportunities that technology can bring, together with the best artisanship, a symbol of Made in Italy.

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