Picador S.r.l.

The metal specialists, from the gold districts to leather goods

Based in Quarrata (AR), Picador Srl is specialized in  the turning and milling of precious and non-precious  metals, with numerically controlled machining centres.  

Founded in 1998, during its early years, Picador Srl  worked for the gold districts in Arezzo and Vicenza  exclusively in the production of semi-finished products.  

Since 2008, due to market mutations, the  company has expanded its core business by specializing  in metalwork to create finished products,  both in the production of finished products for its  own “Desphaera gioielli” line, and for third party production for fashion brands.

Thanks to the expertise of about fifteen highly skilled  operators, Picador Srl can comply with client  needs as it is fully equipped to also serve the  fashion and leather goods sectors.  «we can offer a product considered to be the perfect  substitution of semi-finished products obtained using the traditional techniques of precision casting,  with the enormous advantage of employing machinery that completes the entire process without  the need of additional manual refining», the  owners say.
within a few years, the production unit has quadrupled;  every processing step is done in-house,  accompanied by a meticulous and constant monitoring  that consents to promptly creating any type  of semi-finished item in gold, silver, bronze and  stainless steel, even on a client’s specific design.  

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