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Artistic galvanic treatments for fashion accessories

From jewellery to Luxury fashion accessories for a greater growth
In the history of a successful company, there is always an event that has determined its turning point towards growth.
For Galvanica Formelli, this moment came in 2014 when Alberto Formelli, who runs the company founded by his father Franco in 1999, had the intuition to wipe the slate of the glorious Arezzo goldsmith past clean, the same past on which the company had built its fortune, to move in a new direction.
«After the crisis that hit the sector - explains Formelli - I decided to diversify by investing on the company’s structure and in the production plant. We acquired a new property with adequate space and new machinery to work at the service of the fashion industry».
A choice rewarded by the results: from 12 to 73 current employees and an increased client base. «From the one or two brands we worked with at the beginning, we currently manage more than fifteen» - explains Formelli. However, this success did not happen by chance.
Galvanica Formelli, in fact, can create a wide range of artistic finishes: nickel plating, palladium plating, passivation, vintage, plating, bronze plating, yellow bronze and white stainless bronze, gold plating, ruthenium plating, silver plating, Golden Brown, Nickel Free and many others, in addition to creating ad hoc solutions based on specific client needs.
Each process is rigorously carried out in-company, which has a specific department dedicated to the timely control of the plating baths. The continuous search for a quality product has led Galvanica Formelli to set up an internal department dedicated to the cleaning phase.
This allows for corrections and timely interventions, so as to obtain the highest quality and different finishes. But Galvanica Formelli does not stop there and continues to make important investments.
«The next step - concludes Formelli - is a new production plant in the vision of the 4.0 industry to further improve our line of control and management of an increasingly automated and fully traced production ».

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