Creazioni Lorenza

Accessory design and production 

Sustainability, Innovation, Technology, Tradition: 50 years of excellence in accessory design and production.

The Creazioni Lorenza company was founded in 1968 on the initiative of the Bencini family and specialises in the production of accessories for High Fashion.

The company carries out the entire production process in-house: from design to quality control of every aesthetic and functional standard.

With an outlook on continuous corporate evolution, a characteristic that has always set the company apart, Creazioni Lorenza invests in research into new production technologies and latest-generation machinery, such as the brand-new laser-cutting machine with fibre optic technology and nitrogen cooling. The Creazioni Lorenza company also stands out for its focus on quality and the safety of its employees and is ISO 9001 certified for quality management and 45001 which ensures compliance with the requirements for occupational health and safety management systems. SA8000 is also a management model that aims to enhance and protect all personnel in the sphere of control and influence of the organisations that adopt it.

In spring, the Creazioni Lorenza company was the first to launch a research and development philosophy of new-generation materials for the luxury sector through the Forext project, making fashion accessories circular and sustainable. The 14001 certification is the latest milestone achieved by the company.

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