MBA F.lli Landi srl

Design and manufacturing of customized small metal findings for the leather goods sector

Artisan tradition and avant-garde design

Giving a voice to the stylistic essence of a brand through the creation of an object. To make that object recount the values it contains, communicate its personality, so unique and different from all the others.

MBA F.lli Landi not only brings clients’ ideas to life but adds value to the creativity of the luxury industry. And it does so by putting sixty years of experience in the design and production of personalised small metal parts at the service of fashion brands.

The company develops almost all the manufacturing processes in-house, with an attention to detail typical of the most authentic Made in Italy production. At the same time, it nurtures its professional credo based on research and development: it tries to anticipate trends, concepts, and solutions, to adapt its artisanship to the aesthetic and creative needs of contemporary fashion.

Past and future. Tradition and the search for the new. Quality artisanship and technological innovation. One cannot exist without the other. Different aspects of the MBA F.lli Landi company’s single story, which intertwines harmoniously to create a global, efficient, and high-quality service.

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