Jessica Jewels

Accessories and jewellery for High Fashion

Mind, hands, heart, research, and investment: this is Jessica

More than 35 years ago, Jessica S.p.A. was founded in the heart of Tuscany, a company that has become an excellence in Made in Italy jewellery. Thanks to its know-how, the use of innovative technologies, and continuous investment, the company has a complete production cycle.

The client services are varied:

Design, where ideas take shape thanks to the work of model makers and the innovation of 3D printing, which gives life to the complete prototype in just 24 hours.

Micro-fusion, a specialised department that creates objects with the utmost attention to detail.

Wax Settings, the Jessica company’s strong point: a resistant and flexible wax that makes it possible to create accessories that replace rhinestones, while keeping costs unchanged and improving quality.

Assembly and finishing, where semi-finished products are transformed into jewellery and accessories.

Electroplating, high-tech treatments: preparation processes such as white bronze, thick copper plating and acid copper; colour treatments, specifically palladium, platinum, black and white rhodium, flash and thick 14-18-21 kt gold plating, both yellow and pink, and electrolytic passivation. All certified through XRF measurement. 

To conclude with quality control and packaging.

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