Vilux by TR srl

Lost-wax casting for metal accessories

Transforming complicated projects into functional and impactful accessories

Vilux by TR is a Vicenza-based company specialized in lost wax investment casting, born as a spin-off of the TR company. It produces metal accessories for the world of fashion and eyewear, but also for the jewelry sector, both precious and bijoux, in which part of the partners have twenty years of experience.
The company works with any alloy such as brass, bronze, nickel free, as well as gold and silver. As an alternative, it now also produces objects in zamak. Among the pluses, the ability to create small aluminum parts and the pre-setting of stones in wax.
Innovation and research are translated into the experimentation of alternative alloys to beryllium copper and the use of innovative methodologies. The design office develops the customer's idea with renderings and 3D wax printers. All phases take place in-house. Industry 4.0 technologies do the rest and, thanks to remote management systems, allow for near real-time service.

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