Ramponi spa

Studs, stones, rhinestones, embroidery, and fashion accessories

A new challenge to surprise clients every day

For 35 years, the Ramponi company has been supplying top fashion brands with a variety of custom-made services and special processes, the perfect expression of the union between Italian artisanship and the technological innovation of the 4.0 Industry. Not just synthetic crystal stones and ABS studs - the company’s main core business - but also rhinestone, rivet and bezel application, laser engraving, hand or machine embroidery, chains, digital and screen printing. The company’s leading process is its latest generation 3D printer capable of producing prototypes in 24 hours. It is from the mix of these technologies that personalised accessories that make bags, footwear, and apparel shine. Innovate to surprise, this is the company philosophy: the R&D department continually proposes new articles and processes; the in-house style office keeps abreast of future trends with the aim of providing an exclusive and up-to-date service. The company also offers an eco-friendly line of studs and chains made of recycled nylon, wood fibre, and PLA, OEKO-TEX certified to guarantee safety and transparency.

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