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The bezel stone that attaches like a stud: just a click away 


The dynamism that sets the Ramponi company apart has not lost momentum, even during the pandemic. After two years of generalised darkness due to Covid-19, the company is the bringer of renewed brightness thanks to a new patent that interprets the stone as a stud, simplifying its application. The company, which for 35 years has been supplying fashion brands with a variety of special processes, mixes creativity, innovation, and quality artisanship to come up with new and functional solutions for the fashion industry.


This is the case of the new bezel stone (Patent No. 102021000027155): maintaining its natural lustre, the stone can easily be applied to fabrics, cowhide, and leather with a simple click. The new product is greatly versatile not only in setting, but also in style - with the possibility of customising the colour of the bezel, matching it with that of the stone or choosing a contrasting tone - and in size, since each item is made in various sizes.

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