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Chemicals, plant and electronics engineering: turnkey electroplating

Italfimet has launched its Electroplating Division aimed at the High Fashion, costume jewellery, and jewellery sectors 


“Enhancing the uniqueness of each brand” is the objective that has always identified the Italfimet company’s activity. The company is a point of reference for the electroplating processes of manufacturing companies all over the world engaged in the High Fashion, costume jewellery, and jewellery sectors, providing a complete, integrated, and professional service for the treatment of jewellery and metal accessories.


The Italfimet company strives to improve and develop processes for electroplating. Proof is in the continuous investments in research and development that now enable it to present itself as a unique partner for the various chemical, plant and electronic engineering sectors, with a turnkey service tailored to each client.


Resistance to oxidation, high quality finishes, production specifications, eco-sustainability, protection of people’s health, and compliance with REACH regulations are just some of the objectives pursued by the daily activities of the Italfimet company’s three business divisions. The Chemical Division specialises in the production and distribution of chemical products for electroplating, with protective solutions and a wide range of colours that can be obtained with gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, and rhodium baths, as well as processes for electroforming gold in every carat.


The production of galvanic plants is taken care of by the Plant Division, and then the most recent addition is the Electroplating Division with current rectifiers and automation systems. The Italfimet company’s catalogue provides a variety of solutions in terms of power, management interface, features and functionality, with rectifiers capable of satisfying the diversified galvanic requirements of quality, quantity, and repeatability. All this is also supported by patented systems such as the RAEP® - Anti-Spot Effect Rectifier, which guarantees aesthetic quality, lower production costs, and uniformity of the thickness of metal coatings, with a revolutionary system that can be planned for in new plants or also applied to plants already in use, bringing concrete benefits to companies in the economic and production areas.

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