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Dermogold: the 100% nickel-free galvanic process developed by Italfimet 


A new galvanic process for the deposit of completely nickel-free clear gold has been developed by the Italfimet company of Monte San Savino (AR), which has always been particularly committed to research and development to propose avant-garde solutions aimed at combining aesthetics, resistance, and eco-sustainability. These include the new Dermogold treatment, which has made it possible to overcome a particularly ambitious challenge: eliminating nickel from electroplating for the production of accessories in the fashion, jewellery, costume jewellery, and electroforming sectors.


Nickel is a chemical element used with the dual purpose of producing a lighter and more resistant gold plating but, in contact with the skin, it can cause allergic reactions and dermatitis. Its elimination from galvanic processes has committed the Italfimet company with the goal of providing alternative possibilities for gold plating, using other elements that comply with the European Union’s Reach regulation on standards for the protection of human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemical substances.


The close synergy between the chemical laboratory and the technical-engineering department has therefore made it possible to formulate the new Dermogold galvanic bath, which performs better because it allows for a completely nickel-free process and, at the same time, obtain hypoallergenic jewellery and accessories with the qualities previously guaranteed by nickel itself. These qualities include colour, aesthetics, solidity, and resistance to corrosion, thus producing a final object of greater value.


«We are now able to guarantee the same colouring and qualities with 100% nickel-free processes - explains Andrea Capaccioli, Laboratory Manager at Italfimet. - This is an important milestone, the result of long studies and research testifying to our commitment towards the constant improvement of galvanic baths, eco-sustainability, and the protection of people’s health».

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