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Small metal parts for the fashion sector

The accessory artisans


The Fratelli Andrei company was founded in 1956‭ ‬by Ademaro Andrei‭, ‬who was joined by his brother Alberto in 1963‭.‬The company‭, ‬based in Scandicci in the heart of the leather district‭, ‬now counts a staff of about ninety people‭, ‬the result of a constant expansion of the services made available to clients‭.‬


The continuity of the company is guaranteed by Alberto’s daughters Anna and Marta Andrei‭, ‬the passionate second-generation heirs who explained the secrets of their business to us‭: ‬‮«‬From the perspective of progressively internalising our work‭, ‬we have recently expanded our premises to be able to guarantee a complete production cycle for our clients.We manufacture accessories according to our clients’‭ ‬requirements‭, ‬from the design to the industrialisation of the finished product‭. ‬We have also added a moulding service‭, ‬where we‭ ‬have dedicated an ad hoc facility equipped with all the cutting-edge instruments‮»‬‭. ‬


But that’s not all‭: ‬the company inaugurated a new electroplating department in early 2021‭. ‬Investment‭, ‬vision‭, ‬and artisanship‭: ‬after more than sixty years of history‭, ‬Andrei srl continues to be one of the most appreciated companies in the sector‭.‬

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