Metal accessories for leather goods and footwear

Artisan passion, industrial capacity 

The Griba company has been designing and manufacturing metal accessories for High Fashion since 1972

Artisan passion and significant technical skills have made it a partner to the most important brands.  

 In 2014, with the transfer of ownership to a young and dynamic group, the Griba company began a new phase of growth, providing advice and technical solutions to high-level needs.

The turning point came in 2019, with the new 2300 m2 plant in Calenzano (FI), equipped with an efficient organisational structure and state-of-the-art equipment.  

 The company’s highly technological galvanic plant, which has earned the 4.0 industrial conformity certificate, is among the innovations.

In full respect of sustainability, it produces large quantities with a high-quality standard. Quality is the cornerstone on which the company’s business revolves, thanks to meticulous controls at every stage. 

 With the exception of a few machining operations assigned to trusted partners, the entire process is managed in-house: from the design of an article to the processing of moulded zamak and CNC moulded brass, continuing with vibration, welding, brushing, assembly, and various galvanic finishes, even with uncoated colours. 

 All this, with a guarantee of responsiveness and flexibility, without neglecting containing prices. 

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