Extra luxurious and eco-friendly mother-of-pearl fabrics

Superlativa® Leather: the new material that will revolutionize the world of fashion 


Starting from the pearl industry’s processing waste, Superlativa® Leather was born: an innovative eco-sustainable material, composed of a 400-micron (equal to 0.4 millimetres) microfilm, available in a vast array of colours. Superlativa® is proposed as an alternative to exotic high-end leather and offers fashion houses the possibility of creating entire collections or embellishing bags, belts, and wallets thanks to the use of inserts. 


Produced by Superlativa®, a spin-off company of BerBrand, which specialises in the production of fashion accessories in organic and innovative materials, Superlativa® Leather sets itself apart by the fact that it maintains the natural characteristics of pearls, such as their iridescence and texture, three-dimensionality and depth.


Superlativa® Leather comes from a transparent supply chain, is a product of up-cycle research, has zero waste, and has a negative carbon footprint. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with the Fondazione dell’Acquario di Genova, the brand has obtained the Ecocrest© certification, the first fiduciary mark that certifies materials and products of aquatic origin coming from eco-sustainable, traceable, and ethically correct supply chains.

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