Berti A&P

Semiprecious stone applications and accessories

The art of inlaying applied to fashion

The A&P Berti artisan workshop has been working natural and semi-precious stones for over 20 years. The ancient tradition of artisanship, combined with innovative processing techniques, enables the creation of small and large works of art. Not only furniture and gift items, but also fashion accessories that decorate the objects of Luxury brands. 

The skilful hands of the Berti brothers are capable of modelling over 70 types of stone and 40 different species of wood, to make buckles and a wide variety of applications for shoes, belts, bags, and costume jewellery. Their strengths include elasticity and flexibility during the production phase, thanks to the in-house modelling and cutting departments.

The company believes in innovation and, in collaboration with American engineers, tested and constructed an ultra-technological cutting machine capable of creating, in stone and more, shapes that were previously unattainable. A technology with an eco-sustainable impact that propels the company towards distant horizons and allows the creation of high quality, ad hoc accessories at optimal costs.



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