Berti A&P

Accessories in semi-precious stones and natural materials

Cutting into the future with waterjet technology


An artisan semi-precious stone cutter, the BERTI A&P company with more than twenty years of experience, is now at the cutting edge of a collaboration with the fashion and accessories sector of the most prestigious Luxury brands. Semi-precious stones acquire a life of their own thanks to the skill of the Berti brothers, combined with innovative water cutting: this mix of artisan know-how and state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to cut all kinds of shapes, even the most complex and apparently impossible to achieve. «This technology makes use of water, the natural element par excellence and symbol of life: a powerful jet amuses itself by rounding, drilling and giving life to an idea, through a entirely eco-sustainable process - say the Berti brothers».


The artisan touch of the Berti brothers is capable of enhancing the beauty of the natural elements they shape: a nuance in the colour of the stone (no less than 70 types of stone can be worked) or a particular wood grain (40 species of wood are available). «We put all our heart and experience into every process - the Berti brothers continue. - We are grateful to nature and will do everything to preserve it». 

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