Berti A&P

Semiprecious stone applications and accessories

The art of inlaying applied to fashion

The A&P Berti artisan workshop has specialized in the manual processing of natural and semiprecious stones for over 20 years.

With passion and artisan expertise inherited from their grandfather and father, the brother team of Alessio and Patrizio creates objects that look as if they were made by Florentine Renaissance masters.

Not just gift articles and décor, but also unique accessories that decorate Luxury brand items: the skilled hands of these two artisans shape semiprecious stones such as marble, malachite, onyx and lapis lazuli, to create buckles and a vast variety of applications for footwear, belts, bags and costume jewellery.

With more than 70 types of stones and 40 different types of wood, A&P Berti offers a wide range of customization options.

Flexibility during the processing phase, which thanks to its in-house modelling and cutting departments that allow the ad hoc creation of accessories, as well as modifications during processing are among the company’s strengths.

At A&P Berti the time-honoured artisan tradition joins new processing techniques to create small, great works of art.


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