Modimex Accessori srl

High Fashion accessories

Leaders on the fashion scene for 50 years


 Handicraft tradition, technological innovation and mechanical design: these are the three souls of the Modimex company, which has been putting the wings on the ideas of top fashion brands since 1964.

And it does so by creating high quality accessories and workmanship that combine the harmonious search for beauty with scrupulous attention to the smallest technical details.


The company has over 50 years' experience in the production and application of customised studs, in rubber (an eco-sustainable product covered by an international patent), metal mesh and crystal mesh, on which any type of finishing can be carried out.

But it hasn't stopped. Modimex has continued to invest to provide an increasingly complete and competitive service.


Thanks to innovative technologies and CNC centres, it produces digital decorations and prints with nanotechnological inks on an unlimited range of materials.

With brush and airbrush paintings it embellishes leathers and fabrics, making high fashion garments a priceless work of art. The craftsmanship is also expressed through embroidery and three-dimensional handmade work, combined with fine leathers and hi-tech materials.

Modimex transforms a simple piece of leather into a high quality decorative accessory capable of grasping the customer's style.

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