At Egal, we specialize in metallizing plastic and metal items. We are also able to work on small parts with the use of our barrel and rack plating systems.

In addition to nickel, gold and chrome plating, we offer more than 30 different types of processes, including nickel-free treatments.

We have been active in the sector for over three generations, which means that Egal represents absolute value, also with regard to metallizing metals and ABS plastic.

In fact, we were among the first in Italy to offer barrel metallizing of plastic. This has enabled us to guarantee extremely efficient services today, even when using our rack plating system to coat nylon, polycarbonate and ABS blends, polystyrene, and thermoset plastics.

Each surface treatment is designed to enhance any plastic object, while at the same time guaranteeing perfect resistance to oils, solvents and alcohol.

With professionalism and attention to detail, we at Egal offer plating in gold, nickel, silver, palladium, brass, copper and all types of alloys, as well as shiny, opaque, opalescent, antique or aged finishes.

Furthermore, to meet the various needs of designers and stylists, we have built a catalogue with over 30 different colours (gunmetal, chrome, verdigris, etc.)

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