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L&L spoke with Rudi Migliorini, owner of Italiana Accessori, who shared his post-pandemic thoughts with us: «We, like many other entrepreneurs and artisans, are set like a rhinestone in the mechanism of the Italian fashion supply chain and its district. We must continue believing in our work, finding new ways to enhance our product. 

We must continue our efforts while maintaining the level of excellence recognized worldwide, because we are guided by passion and love for this work.

On the other hand, we expect everyone to do their part, from the banks and financial institutions to the famous international fashion Brands that have always made Made in Italy their pride.  

Now more than ever, they have the role of helping our districts by bringing all the production phases back to Italy, avoiding the delocalization of part or most of the production phases for a mere economic advantage. Made in Italy should once again be entirely produced in Italy.

We witness television interviews and statements by important fashion entrepreneurs in line with this principle but, often, in our country facts do not follow good intentions. 

The hope is that this pandemic will positively influence the beginning of a consideration that will lead to a new and more equitable organization and enhancement of our work».

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