Fatà Smalti S.r.l.

Specialists in the most sought-after processes in the goldsmith and fashion accessory industry

From enamelling to rhinestone application, through innovative techniques such as modelling, 3D printing, and wax pre-setting of stones, processes applied with precision and passion 

Founded in Arezzo in 2001, the Fatà Smalti company boasts 21 years of experience that enables it to carry out various processes used in the goldsmith and fashion accessory sectors on behalf of third parties. In addition to enamelling, carried out on any type of object using top-quality epoxy resins and with a wide range of colours that can be customised to the client's request, the Fatà Smalti company specialises in rhinestone application through the two-component resin bonding of rhinestones on metal items where the settings for the stones have already been prepared.

The company also carries out other processes such as wax production, the pre-setting of zircons in wax, and glitter application. All work is carried out in-house with a specialised staff and with careful control over the quality of both the service and the product.
Always attentive to client needs, the Fatà Smalti company helps companies develop their ideas through a CAD design service, starting with the graphic representation of the product and continuing with 3D printing of the high-precision wax model.

This service has recently been joined by a new type of processing, the production of zircon pre-setting waxes, an innovative technique - already used in the jewellery industry and now in great demand also in the fashion accessory sector - that requires very high precision in execution and enables lost-wax casting with the stones already pre-set in the object.

Compared to gluing the stones onto the finished object, pre-setting increases the perceptive value of the object, recalling the exquisiteness of the setting without, however, incurring the costs or time involved. This processing also takes place entirely in-house, using some of the most technologically advanced injectors for the production of a special high quality wax ideal for pre-setting.

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