Materia Firenze s.r.l.

Luxury accessories

Artisanship and innovation for Made in Italy Luxury


Metal‭, ‬wood‭, ‬galvanic finishes‭: ‬Materia Firenze Group is a leader in the design and production of accessories for High Fashion brands‭. ‬


Every day‭, ‬a new challenge‭: ‬transforming raw materials to offer made-to-measure‭, ‬100%‭ ‬Made in Italy solutions‭, ‬where artisanship‭ ‬and technology come together in the pursuit of perfection‭. ‬From the staff’s words‭, ‬you can perceive all the passion and care that each collaborator pours into their work‭: ‬we have always acted with total‭ ‬dedication as partners to Luxury brands‭, ‬to offer a unique point of reference to guarantee the absolute quality of the final product‭. ‬


Thanks to a state-of-the-art production plant‭, ‬the entire galvanic processing cycle is managed in-house‭, ‬with very high production standards‭, ‬reduced times‭, ‬and competitive costs‭.‬

The recently inaugurated hot imprinting area is dedicated to the transformation of metal at high temperatures and offers a unique production capacity‭: ‬improvement of the characteristics of the final object‭, ‬less waste of materials‭, ‬reduced times‭, ‬reduced costs‭, ‬and increased efficiency even for large quantities‭. 


The Materia Firenze Group’s recent investments confirm its ability to grow with competence‭, ‬with the will to keep all the stages of the production chain in-house in order to promptly meet the needs of High Fashion and offer extremely high quality‭, ‬to shape materials into the very objects of desire imagined by the designer‭. ‬The Materia Firenze Group ensures maximum confidentiality‭, ‬flexibility‭, ‬and respect of delivery times‭. ‬

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