International Leather Weavings

The art of hand weaving

The International Leather Weavings company is specialized in the handcrafted production of leather weavings, an increasingly rare artisan process to source in the Made in Italy production chain.

«This is why, since 2014, our production site has been located in Albania - says Leonardo Lami, partner and director of the company. We have created a hub there with all the qualities of Made in Italy, drawing on local weaving know-how and where it is still possible to find skilled labour unlike, unfortunately, in Italy».

International Leather Weavings maintains its management and coordination office in Italy: «We receive raw materials for processing from our clients - says Lami - and we produce the semi-finished products in Italy through a trusted network of subcontractors.

After an obligatory quality control, the material is shipped to Albania where it is woven. Once completed, the goods return to Italy, ready to be sent directly to clients, most of which are the most famous Luxury brands on the market».

Customer service is managed by a team that speaks Italian and quality is 100% guaranteed by total compliance with the official Made in Italy protocol. «The difference is that our prices are highly competitive» concludes Leonardo Lami.

International Leather Weavings also specialises in every other type of manual processing: threading, crocheting, macramé, stitching, and braiding on wood fasts for bags and footwear. All-round excellence.

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