AR Galvanica

Galvanising treatments for costume jewellery, semi-finished products, and fashion accessories

Eco-friendly technology for fashion


AR Galvanica is a company based in the province of Arezzo which, since 1984, has specialised in galvanising treatments for costume jewellery and semi-finished products in 925 silver and bronze, and fashion accessories in bronze, aluminium, and zamak. The wide range of treatments includes both static and mini roto barrel processing, even for small quantities: from silver to rhodium plating, from yellow gold to red gold plating, palladium plating, rutenizing, vintage treatments, and cataphoresis.


The finishes are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and metalplus. Moreover, thanks to the use of the innovative X-ray measuring system, AR staff can control the thickness of the coating material with high precision and guarantee full compliance with the required processing specifications. The company is also active in environmental issues: the sophisticated purification plant constantly monitors each processing phase, while the waste sludge is correctly delivered to a specialised disposal consortium. Eco-friendly Made in Italy.

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