Dealers and developers of software for 3D modelling

Twenty-five years as protagonists

Syscam is a Florentine company that develops and sells CAD/CAM solutions for design and production.

2018 marks the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary, which in the meantime has become a solid point of reference for companies in the small metal parts division of the luxury sector.

The company offers several software solutions that can be integrated with different uses: VISI-Modelling (a CAD single reference design solution that integrates a powerful hybrid solid and surface modeller), 3Design (a solution for the creation of jewellery with a vast catalogue of stones), 3Shaper (extreme and
hyper creative modelling), VISI-Machining (a CAM production solution dedicated for use with milling machines), and EDGECAM (a programming solution that fully supports all the configurations of turning machine axes).

In addition to software systems, Syscam also does staff training, offers after-sales assistance, including an annual maintenance with system upgrades and their integration based on the evolution of the machinery according to client needs.

The fields where Syscam software can be applied are varied and are mainly used to create prototyping, turning and milling of accessories.

Syscam: the computer branch of Made in Italy

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