Spazio 58 S.r.l.

Accessories and processing for footwear and leather goods

The Spazio 58 company's core business is metal accessories for footwear and leather goods. The company, which opened in 2016, began operating in the production of microfusion accessories. The offer was then progressively enriched, leading to the development of highly customised PVC injection and micro-injection accessories. 

Paolo Benni and his son Matteo run the company, which handles the finishing of accessories and their prototyping in-house. 85% of the company’s work is for the footwear sector, with 5% of production also dedicated to a line of silver costume jewellery. 

Since 2021, the Spazio 58 company has added digital printing to its services, which can also be customised and produced on any type of support, both leather and artificial supports, such as TPU coating. The latter, which is completely recycled, was developed for footwear uppers and leather goods, and has been fine-tuned with specialised laboratories. 

Particular attention is paid to leathers, with an eco-sustainable vision. Metal-free leathers are also proposed, thanks to collaboration with leading chemical companies.


Instagram: @spazio58srl

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