BC Servizi

Design and prototyping for jewellery and High Fashion accessories

Rapid 3D printing to meet every need


The BC Servizi company has skilfully exploited the know-how gained in thirty-five years of experience in the goldsmith sector in Arezzo to successfully propose its services also as a specialist in fashion accessories and costume jewellery for the Luxury footwear and leather goods market. 


The BC Servizi company has all the most advanced technologies for the sector such as CNC machines, 3D scanners, and lasers for marking and cutting, to which it combines multi-material 3D printers and the artisanship of its skilled workers. The company’s strong point? Rapid prototyping with 3D printing for rubber or meltable wax samples: «Within a couple of days, we are able to deliver the piece to the client - explain the owners - respecting the parameters of quality and price as much as possible».  An all-round excellence: «The attention paid to every detail of the style is very high - the owners conclude – what’s more, the hand of our artisans gives the accessories that additional something that is essential to completing the process».

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