Benjamins s.r.l.

Design and development of accessories for Fashion, technological objects, sports, and gadgets

For out-of-the-box accessories


Known for creating the most unusual designs, the Benjamins company has been developing and producing a vast array of accessories in various materials, including leather, ranging from the technology and fashion sectors to the pet world and sports equipment, not forgetting home objects, various kinds of gadgets and board games for the past 15 years.


The Benjamins company makes leather goods and more for big Fashion brands: wallets, key chains, mini bags, clutches, iPhone covers with magnetic MagSafe for credit cards, board games, raffia hats, and many other accessories.

«When brands want to make a particular product and don’t know who to turn to, they call us, because we don't set limits to their imagination»  - says Gabriele Piazzoli, general manager of the Benjamins company. 


The search for innovative and environmentally sustainable materials and products characterizes the wide range of items that are developed and engineered by a staff of designers, chemists, researchers, and engineers. Using 3D technology, the Benjamins company quickly presents renderings and prototypes for initial evaluation. This is followed by production, Made in Italy or in the Far East followed by on-site staff, to package the item that fully meets the desired expectations of quality and functionality.

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