Il Crogiolo snc

Metal modellers

Each accessory tells a story

Modelling an accessory starting from a raw material is a like embarking on a journey in search of an identity. The material is as active a part as the artisan since there is a dialogue between the two. This encounter gives birth to harmonies of shapes and volumes, the expression of a personality.

Every day, Il Crogiolo tells a story, with an ever-changing expression. That of the fashion brands which for over 35 years have entrusted the company with the creation of small details that have a great task: communicating the style and excellence of Made in Italy.

With a dynamic and versatile spirit, Il Crogiolo brings a wealth of skills and technical mastery with it. It is with these characteristics that it produces a wide range of accessories for the fashion and costume jewellery sectors.

Each creation is the result of meticulous research and development: the technical team, with great availability and respect for the client’s needs, evaluates each phase by choosing the best production process, both from a qualitative and cost perspective. Responsiveness in the production of samples and pre-series and punctual deliveries are among the company’s strengths.

Although 2020 was a particular year, the company concentrated part of its profits on the investment of new machinery, thus expanding its production capacity. The information technologies of the 4.0 industry applied to the production process allow the tracing and control of each working phase in real time, therefore optimizing processes.

An industrial structure for a company with an artisan heart that gives life to accessories that have stories to tell. Different, unique stories. Stories that never go out of fashion.

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