Lampo by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi S.p.A.

A product between quality and sustainability ready to conquer the market

Lampo meets steel to "dress up" fine bags

A stainless steel zipper, to combine the durability required by the products of fine leather goods but also the growing attention to sustainability. It is called Eternel and it is the new creation of Lampo by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi, a true international reference in the field of zippers. 

"It is a product that goes well with any type of leather and tanning thanks to its high resistance to oxidation - explains Alessandro Bordegari, sales manager of Giovanni Lanfranchi -. This is why it is very suitable for bags that are created to last over time: the steel alloy ensures that the zipper remains as bright as it was originally. What's more, since it doesn't need any treatment to be protected, it goes well with the sustainability trends that we ourselves are pursuing."

The product is part of a new generation of zippers that also features new solutions for smoothness and aesthetics and is getting a good response from the market. "We launched it almost two years ago, just before the pandemic, in the most difficult period to propose innovations - explains Bordegari - but now we have had the green light for a couple of international projects and we expect excellent feedback.

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