Euro Minuterie SRL

Production of small metal findings

A guarantee for Luxury goods

A company based in Padua founded in 1979 by entrepreneur Adriano Rigato, Eurominuterie Srl specializes in the production of metal accessories for the fashion industry: eyelets, rivets, studs and buttons in various materials such as brass, stainless steel, and copper with protective finishing and high quality aesthetic performance.

The fields of application are numerous: firstly footwear but also clothing, leather goods and the technical sector, just to name a few. Eurominuterie Srl is characterized as a dynamic and flexible company, thanks to its being young and competitive.

Currently, the company has about thirty highly skilled employees (including production), and is regarded as an excellence that is typical of Made in Italy. Inside a production centre of over 4000 m2 with completely renewed automated logistics and a cutting-edge stamping workshop, the company produces, stamps, and assembles every type of small metal findings, skilfully combining technology and artisanship.

Eurominuterie Srl articles respond to the strict REACH protocols and its knowledge of the distribution chain enables it to collaborate with several of the most famous luxury brands. The Rigato family company offers a flexible and eclectic service that is also distinguished by fast delivery times and stringent quality parameters. From prototyping to accessory application, the staff at Eurominuterie Srl is capable of supporting the client during every stage of the production process, making it one of the points of reference for fashion in Italy and in the world.

Euro Minuterie SRL

Via Austria, 10/A
Padova (PD)
Tel +39 049.8704170


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