Ercolani Galvanotecnica

Electroplating of metal fashion accessories

For forty years, Masters of Electroplating

Ercolani Galvanotecnica is a Tuscan company founded in 1977, and is Italian excellence in the field of electroplating for fashion and goldsmith accessories. Forty years of activity are an important legacy, a long course during which solid foundations were laid for an increasingly ascending future.

The company was founded to assist the goldsmith sector, but over time it has evolved increasingly to address the fashion industry, specialising its work in the processing of copper, bronze, brass, zama and last but not least aluminium, becoming a partner of prestigious international brands.

Currently, the company has a highly specialized workforce equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry. A perfect mix of expertise and innovation that continuously places Ercolani Galvanotecnica a step ahead on the market.

One of the principles that have determined the company’s success is its relentless willingness to invest in order to improve. The last in chronological terms, is the expansion of its headquarters, an important area where galvanic baths will be upgraded with new finishes in order to offer clients increasingly exclusive solutions. Professionalism, reliability, seriousness: all features that have made Ercolani Galvanotecnica one of the sector’s points of reference.

Ercolani Galvanotecnica

Strada E, n. 23/25/27
Loc. San Zeno (AR)
Tel +39 0575.959 127


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