Support for the development of new high performance finishes for the treatment of metal surfaces

Molplus cataphoretic lacquers for jewellery

Over the last 30 years, cataphoretic lacquers have been used to protect metal substrates with a hard, transparent and thin coating.

It is possible to modify the chemical proportion in terms of polymer type and cross-linker and this offers advantages in specific areas such as acid resistance or hardness:

  1. The penetration (levelling of the coating) is very good and offers consistent thicknesses even in complex parts.
  2. Its polymerization (hardening) starts at 125°C, therefore becoming possible to protect zamak objects for the fashion industry.
  3. It is possible to use both pigments integrated with the paint as well as pigments that are absorbed after depositing the polymeric layer to produce excellent metallic colours – transparent after the curing phase.
  4. The painted surface does not retain water after washing. This reduces the risk of spots and roughness caused by sticky coatings.

In the past, cataphoretic lacquers were not used in fashion applications because of the viscosity, iridescence and polymerization temperature of the deposit.

Thanks to its chemical composition, the molplus processing line has been developed to meet the demands of the luxury industry.

The processes produce a softer deposit but with an excellent adhesion that meets the expectations of the luxury brands. It also offers:

  • a metallic feel and coldness of the final objects: Molplus an invisible and untouchable organic barrier.
  • the requirements of the final colour can be adjusted by acting on the substrate.
  • an excellent corrosion barrier according to the tests required by the luxury market, such as synthetic sweat, abrasion or interaction with leathers.
  • thin layers are sufficient to maintain performance and to avoid slow effects that affected previous technologies.


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