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AURALLOY SHIELD LF: the missing barrier

The Coventya Group is a major player in the industry of speciality chemicals for metal surface treatment.

To meet the increase in demand of hypoallergenic finishes destined to use with leather accessories, clothing and jewellery, Coventya created the AURALLOY SHIELD LF line.

This high resistance quaternary alloy of white bronzing processes, which can be applied to a frame or rotating drum, is comparable to the features of Nickel Free cycles that have been characterized thus far by lower performance compared to traditional Nickel cycles.

By replacing traditional galvanic ternary alloy bronzing cycle processes, AURALLOY SHIELD LF facilitates overcoming the current limits of the Nickel Free cycle, characterized by its poor resistance to abrasion, perceived as a change in colour of the metal object and by the poor corrosion resistance to alkaline or acidic agents, such as sweat or leather tanning treatment residues.

AURALLOY SHIELD LF works around these problems: the innovative process of high resistance quaternary bronze optimizes the seal of the substrates, ensuring greater durability over time. Using it at the end of the hydrophobic shield cycle known as ANTIOX 409 EL, applicable to all types of substrate, it enables the minimization of access by corrosive agents to metallic substrates.

AURALLOY SHIELD LF has passed the most important leak tests, such as interaction with leather according to ISO4611 climatic conditions; interaction with artificial sweat according to NFS 80772; interaction with nitric acid and with ANTIOX 409 EL and the SO2NOx test.

All this acts as a guarantee of a product of excellence capable of meeting the high standards required by Luxury brands.

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