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Stainless steel and mim technology: the revolution in the fashion accessory sector

MIM Italy was founded in 2003 by a group of researchers from the Material Development Centre and specializes in production of small metal findings for high fashion brands, utilizing the innovative Metal Injection Moulding technology of steel powder injection moulding.

Stainless steel has many advantages over materials like zinc and brass: it is non-oxidizable, contains no lead, respects the Nickel release standard parameters, and its quality remains unchanged over time, which lends it perfectly to being used in the leather goods sector.

MIM technology identifies itself through the injection of micronized steel powder into a special mould, subsequently sintered at extremely high temperatures.

With this technique, the maximum freedom of designing a metal detail with the typical techniques of plastic materials combines with the excellence of the mechanical properties of materials.

The oven used in MIM processing does not release formaldehyde and has a reduced environmental impact. Moreover, it is possible to apply the traditional electroplating process to stainless steel.

The production takes place within the company, which guarantees an accurate and continuous quality control.

MIM Italia has an internal group devoted to the research and development of new technologies and solutions, which are the basis of its progress and success.

A company that looks to the future, offering innovative products that are an expression of Made in Italy excellence, capable of satisfying the needs of Luxury brands. 

Mim Italia srl

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