Italian tanneries, chemicals tanning and leather finishing

This section provides the necessary information for professionals who are looking for contacts for everything related to the processing and transformation of the queen of raw materials of this manufacturing sector: leather.

Industry insiders have the opportunity to review and get to know many of the best companies in the production sector here: tanneries specialized in innovative, exclusive materials such as exotic, trendy leathers, with an increasingly insistent eye on environmental sustainability; leather finishing processes where artisanship is combined with hi-tech expertise for increasingly surprising effects such as buffing, staining, hand padding, varnishing, dry drum tumbling and spinning: an extremely specialized itinerary amid the technical skills of an evolving sector.

The third component of this section is dedicated to the companies and laboratories that develop tests and cutting-edge products for certified and guaranteed leather chemical treatments. The health of workers, consumers, and the environment are now priorities for the Luxury market and is protected thanks to companies like these that make research their mission. To succeed in making leather progressively more natural and eco-sustainable, without sacrificing quality, style and practicality. A challenge that has been fully accepted by Made in Italy brilliance.