Dean spa

Tanning leather for high fashion

DEAN, artisan know-how and sustainable innovation for three generations 


Specialising in the processing of high-quality lambskin, the DEAN company builds its success on an uncommon innovative attitude and a long-standing tradition of artisanship.


Founded in 1972 in Arzano, Naples’ luxury district, the DEAN company has its roots in founder Antonio De Michele’s passion for the art of tanning, cultivated since the 1930s. Thanks to Michele De Michele’s vision, the DEAN company moved towards innovation in the 1990s, with cutting-edge workmanship gaining the attention of the most exclusive brands. At the same time, the company strengthened its commitment to sustainability, consolidated today by the third generation, led by Antonio De Michele, thanks to major investments that cut emissions, waste production, chemical consumption (-38%), water consumption (-50% in three years) and energy consumption (-35% compared to 2019). Among the UNIC sustainability champions, the DEAN company has been awarded the SA 8000 Ethics Certification and the LWG Bronze Medal for Systemic Management of Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics.

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