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The art of never stopping

The Ferradini Bruno company, which specializes in the design and creation of custom printing  on leather, was founded in 1959 in Santa Croce  sull’Arno thanks to the initiative of two cousins,
Terzilio Pretini and Bruno Ferradini.

Currently, the company is run by Patrizia Ferradini,  (the daughter of Bruno who passed away in 2006),  who makes use of the valuable help of her son  Luca Niccolai, the sales manager.

The circle closes  with Ugo Vincenzo Melena, a close collaborator of the company since 1970, print expert and chief  technical offi cer of the fourteen skilled workers at  “Ferradini Bruno”.

Patrizia Ferradini says:  “We provide our clients, mainly luxury fashion  brands, complete service with highly technological processes, the result of continuous investments to  adapt to innovations in the industry.”  

“Our pride: printing with more than a thousand  designs/patterns (coconut, reptile, fl oral); the  sectors of reference are the tanneries, leather  goods and footwear factories.

The study, design and implementation, and testing of the designs  are all done in-house.

Aside from every type of  leather we also treat fabrics, imitation leather, and  upholstery fabrics.” 

The “Ferradini Bruno” company has given many  satisfactions over the years:  

“The greatest gratifi cation has been to remain  standing despite the crisis thanks to targeted  investments that we never   topped making.

The  work is of international dimension so we have to  keep up with the times. In addition, over the years,  generational changes have all proven to be painless:  the insertion of a young and vibrant mentality has  undoubtedly improved the company.”

The clear reference is intended for the arrival of  Luca Niccolai,   randson of the founder, Bruno  Ferradini, who brought new life to his grandfather’s  company with his ideas, both from the  commercial  and communication strategy point of view.  

With such prospects, the future is just around the  corner and Ms. Ferradini has clear ideas in this  regard:  “We do continuous research,  ploring new  techniques for fabric, man-made materials and  leather to look for new work opportunities.

We want  to expand: we don’t stop and we will never stop!”

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