Gruppo Mastrotto

The second Sustainability Report has been published: 51% reduction in CO2 emissions, 100% electricity supplied by certified renewable sources, 97% permanently employed staff

Gruppo Mastrotto continues its commitment to sustainability. 


The Gruppo Mastrotto Sustainability Journey towards increasingly economic, environmental, and social sustainability continues, in line with the ESG principles promoted by the European Union and the objectives of 2030 Agenda. Recently, the Sustainability Passport was presented, a document that recounts the journey undertaken several years ago and that has led to the achievement of important goals over time, such as the achievement of Carbon Neutrality in scope 1 and 2 of Gruppo Mastrotto Express - the largest logistics hub in the world of ready-to-deliver leathers with over 40 collections and 1,500 colours always available - and the environmental product certifications, thanks to which the actions undertaken in terms of sustainability are formally recognised by third parties.


Another stage in this journey is the patenting activity concerning “REVIVA”, the innovative material dedicated to the world of fashion, capable of reusing finished leather scraps and thus completing the circularity╠Ç of the tanning cycle, which already reuses a by-product of the food industry. The Passport represents an invitation to the entire fashion supply chain and stakeholders to join the company on this journey towards sustainability, in the principle that only through a serious and shared commitment on the part of the entire supply chain can sustainable development be ensured for future generations.


Another milestone recently achieved by the Gruppo Mastrotto is the new independent and globally recognised environmental product certification for leather and leather goods: the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®. Products with the OEKO-TEX® label guarantee the purchase of products that are safe for people’s health and the environment. The aim is to transparently document the responsibility╠Ç of companies in respecting the safety of their products for their clients, along the production chain, through to brands, retailers and end consumers. Finally, the Gruppo Mastrotto will soon publish its third Sustainability Report, which, thanks to an asseveration conducted by a third party, will further certify the company’s achievements in this area. The Gruppo Mastrotto Sustainability Journey continues.

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