Natural Tannery

Leather production for footwear, leather goods, and saddlery

Artisanship with an eco-friendly soul


«Quality, sustainability and the environment are our strong points - says Silvia Spadoni, owner of the Natural Tannery company - The absolute naturalness of the vegetable-based product makes us feel that we are still in harmony with nature. This is why we consider our type of work to be the most “sustainable”».


Vegetable tanning offers a range of eco-friendly products for all seasons. Therefore, the Natural Tannery company has come up with new and trendy items that adhere to the company concepts of quality and naturalness. «In order to project ourselves into an increasingly ecological future - explains the owner - it is fundamental to have traced a path of certifications that guarantee clients the company’s good management in the production area, such as LWG and UNI EN ISO 11427/2022». An all-round virtuous path: «For us, vegetable-tanned leather remains the most natural - concludes Silvia Spadoni - and from a safety perspective, also for people’s health, it remains the one with the most examples of use throughout human history. A tradition that guarantees unique characteristics and performance, still quite distinct from other types of tanning».

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