Conceria La Veneta

Processing and tanning of high-quality calf and baby calf skins

When quality is synonymous with global sustainability 


“Doing old things in a new way. That is innovation”. Inspired by Joseph Alois Schumpeter’s quote, the Conceria La Veneta company has been carrying on the tanning tradition of the Chiampo Valley for over 60 years, making use of the advances in technological innovation. Its specialisation is the tanning of calf and baby calf skins for the High Fashion sector. The Conceria La Veneta company is a pillar of the industry: it manages the complete processing cycle - from raw to finished - firmly believing that each step is a fundamental brick in guaranteeing product quality and exclusivity.


The optimisation of formulas, self-production of energy, and the use of alternative products of vegetable or enzyme origin, as well as LWG certification, are proof of its continuous commitment to minimising its environmental impact. Always ready to invest in research to test new concepts and apply the benefits of the 4.0 Industry to the production process, the company can count on a team of 86 trustworthy employees and an average production of 1500 hides per day: these are the numbers of a solid and reliable company that looks at its present and to its future, focusing on innovation, quality and global sustainability.


Because among its objectives is product excellence, but also the desire to bring value and wellbeing to the territory to which it belongs.

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