Materia Prima srl

Leather research and development

Innovation and experience


Materia Prima is a new company specialising in the production and sale of finished leathers for footwear‭, ‬apparel‭, ‬and leather goods‭. ‬Born out of the desire to make the most of its founders’‭ ‬decades of experience on the international leather market‭, ‬the company proposes its expertise to manufacturers and style studios‭, ‬to whom it offers its hides and high-level specialist consultancy‭. ‬


The aim is to create quality leather collections‭, ‬thanks to the collaboration with established Italian companies‭, ‬while paying attention to market trends and demands‭. ‬A cohesive team develops a rich range of finishes‭, ‬starting from semi-finished materials whose characteristics it is familiar with‭. ‬The company believes in the importance of a responsible supply chain‭, ‬both from an ethical-social and environmental perspective‭: ‬it works constantly to research new articles with a low environmental impact and uses leather exclusively from food waste‭.‬

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