Conceria Nuvolari Società Benefit

A tannery specialised in traditional and eco-friendly leathers

The leather revolution starts in Le Marche


How to combine environmental protection and the commercial needs of a tanning business? The winning formula has been found by the Marche-based Nuvolari Tannery, a benefit company based in Monte Urano (FM). An innovative SME led by entrepreneur Sara Santori, it is a pioneer in experimenting with tanning methods with the lowest heavy metal content, while at the same time enhancing the traditional nature of leather.


Among Nuvolari’s various products, Nature-L® stands out, an exclusive line of biodegradable compostable and since 2020 carbon neutral animal leathers that fully comply with the circular economy cycle: “We have continued to do research, investing in the development and refinement of this line of products that are in great demand on the market,” explains Sara Santori. 


Nature-L® is a registered trademark, born in 2019 thanks to fruitful teamwork between Conceria Nuvolari and its partner chemical laboratories.


Nature-L® leathers are certified for biodegradability and compostability criteria according to ISO 14855 and 20136, as well as for colourfastness, tear, light and heat resistance and durability, 98% bio-based.

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