Guido Falcini spa

Production and sale of leather and hides

Made in Italy and sustainability for flawless leathers 

Over 70 years in the business have resulted in a comprehensive expertise that enables Guido Falcini S.p.A. to support brands in the three fashion sectors: footwear, leather goods, and RTW apparel. The company’s artisan experience and leather processing techniques, together with the search for new sources, make it possible to best represent Made in Italy and proudly pursue the concept of sustainability and traceability.

The company draws on sources in the Mediterranean area whenever possible for its supply of raw materials, which limits transport, currently the first cause of non-sustainability. «The proximity of sources is our first focus of sustainability - says Alberto Falcini - and to further strengthen the concept of traceability, GF S.p.A. has become a partner of LWG. Being LWG certified means that the entire supply chain is traceable and transparent, from breeding to the finished product/ leather, currently an essential focus of the largest fashion groups.

Our hides are all sheep/goat based, also with METAL FREE tanning, which includes napa, chamois, and patent leathers. We also have a lining sector, which comprises more than 50% of our four warehouses. Finally, our prompt delivery service enables us to ship finished leathers around the world within 24 hours».

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